13000GS Supermarket and shopping mall anti theft tag detacher golf security tag detacher eas hard tag remover free shipping

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1,this detacher can remove golf tag,square tag(no checkpoint tag), round tag,bottle tag,milk tag UFO tag

2,we recommend 20000GS king detacher in our store if you need to remove ink tag and checkpoint security tag

3,contact us for more discount for more quantity

Product Description


2,silver color

3,Remove: golf tag,non checkpoint squre tag,bottle tag,milk tag and common tag

4,when tag is removed from merchandize,it will not cause alarm from eas system

20000GS King detacher

below detacher is 20000GS ,can remove all checkpoint detacher, ink tag, golf tag,squer tag,,round tag this is the most powrefule detacher at market,click below picture to buy the king detacher

How to use the detacher

Have the detacher touch on the securiy tag,pull out the pins,

whent he tag is removed,and it will no sond and light alarm after check out at go through the eas antenna

Whole set of eas system

whole set of system should have eas antenna,tag,tag detacher,label,deactivator

we do free solution for shop,supermarket,library,drug store,retail store,consult us by below contact

Application Of EAS shoplifting prevention system

According to the recently released Global Retail Theft Barometer, global retail theft reached $104.5 billion in the past year.

The fact is shoplifiting is on the rise and it’s happening to you today.

The good news is that studies in both the US and Canada have proven that having a merchandise security system installed reduces losses by 75% in an average store

Cusomer Show

we have customer in EAS field like wal-mart,jack and jones and son on,the EAS system is widely use on supermarket,cloth store,cosmetics shop,mothercare shop and other retail store

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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12000GS golf detacher






material:aluminium alloy




eas detacher


magnetic detacher


security tag detacher


eas hard tag remover


eas factory direct sales


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