Home Security Sensors Explained

home security sensors

It is easy to be intimidated by a home security system when you think of the technology involved but the components that make up most systems are really quite easy to understand and knowing how these systems work make a lot of people feel more comfortable about installing them themselves. In addition, when you understand the different components that make up home security systems, you are better able to assess your own individual needs so you will know what kind of system to get. In this article, we will discuss the different types of sensors that can be found in home security systems.

Magnetic Sensors

These sensors work when the magnetic connection is broken when a door or window is opened. If the alarm is set and the connection is broken, the alarm will sound. These are probably the most common types of sensors and work on both wireless and wired home security systems. If you purchase an all in one system, your kit may come with just two or three of these sensors and you will be able to purchase as many as you need as these particular sensors are not expensive.

Glass Breaking Sensors

Glass breaking security sensors work on a frequency that hears the glass breaking and sets off the alarm. While these sensors will not be of use if a door or window is opened, once glass has been broken, the alarm will engage. One of the chief benefits of glass breaking sensors is that you do not need one on every piece of glass. One sensor will typically cover all the windows on one wall or even an entire room, depending on the size. Cars as well as homes use glass breaking sensors to guard against intruders.

Alarm Wire

This type of wire is embedded into the screens on your windows so that if the screens are cut, an alarm will sound. By having this type of protection, you can raise your windows with the alarm armed and still enjoy a fresh breeze without compromising your safety. In addition, these screens also come with a magnetic sensor so that if the screen is removed, an alarm will also sound.

Motion Security Sensors

As the name implies, these kinds of sensors detect motion. These are often used for hallways or other areas within the home and work by detecting both heat and motion. Modern motion detectors are also pet immune, meaning that your pet can wander freely without setting off the alarm. Usually, these detectors can be set to ignore weight up to a certain number of pounds.

If it has been some time since you have looked at home security systems, take your time and shop around and look at the various units and components on the market today. You can almost always customize your security system to have exactly the type of protection you need while not paying for extras that you may not need. Before you simply select a system based on price, look around your home and decide which kinds of security sensors and components would best fit your needs. Also, try to invest in a system that you can add features to at a later date so that your system will not become obsolete.