Alarm Security System – The Benefits

Wherever you live, security can be a problem. Burglars are around in the city and in the countryside so if you live in a rural area, don’t imagine that you won’t be a target. The mindset of such people is that if you have a large house or a farm, no matter how isolated, then you must have stuff that’s worth stealing so you definitely need an alarm security system.

If you don’t have a dog, then possibly the alarm which reproduces the sound of a large, vicious dog may be enough to keep potential robbers at bay. However, even if you do have a dog, you may take him out sometime or he could be drugged by intruders and an additional alarm security system is a very good idea.

A system which is connected to a central call centre is a useful security measure. If your alarm sounds, the call centre will check with you whether you set the alarm off yourself and if you’re not home, they’ll alert the local police.

You can check on the status of many systems through your mobile phone which is another handy feature.

There are various types of sensors which you get with an alarm security system:

Window and door sensors – these will scream if a door or window is opened (beware this also works from the inside).
Optical sensors – these sense movement and are useful if not all your doors and windows are alarmed and can cover those areas of likely entry by a burglar. These can also allow your alarm monitoring service to see if you have an intruder or whether a curtain is blowing in the wind or your cat has jumped up on the back of the sofa right in front of the sensor.
Underfloor sensors – these are more discreet and will set off the alarm if someone treads on them.

Any good alarm will allow you to isolate different areas so that you can have different settings for night time and day time. You don’t want the alarm screaming just because someone goes to the kitchen for a drink of water in the middle of the night.

Alternatively, if you want a cheaper option than a monitored system, you can get very similar sensors to those mentioned above but they just make a lot of noise and will hopefully encourage your neighbours to call the police.

Another good thing about an alarm security system is the deterrent factor. If your home is alarmed and the one down the road is not, then guess which one will be burglered. Make sure to use the notices and plaques supplied by the alarm company which advertise to all and sundry that your home is alarmed.

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